Cyber Safety™ for the Real Estate Industry

Easily manage your business’s cyber risk and quickly recover from attacks with our integrated security and insurance solution.


Most targeted industry
for email fraud attacks

$221+ Million

Losses due to real
estate fraud in 2019


Victims of real estate
fraud in 2019

$3.86 million

Average cost of
a data breach

Cybersecurity in Real Estate

Within the real estate industry, large amounts of sensitive data are collected, processed, and stored from rental applications, credit reports, lease agreements, and more. This makes the industry a prime target for cybercriminals.

Real estate businesses face business email compromise, ransomware, and phishing attacks as well as increased risks around IoT devices and corporate espionage by competitors. It is important to remain vigilant and implement strong cybersecurity measures. Zeguro can help protect your business with our integrated cybersecurity and cyber insurance solution.

How Zeguro Secures Your Real Estate Business

Improve Employee Cyber Awareness

People are the primary root cause of data breaches due to both negligence and lack of knowledge. With BEC and phishing attacks plaguing the real estate sector, it is imperative that employees are cyber aware and can identify these attacks.

Zeguro offers user-tailored security training so employees can improve their cyber awareness on a regular basis. Courses are delivered on a monthly basis and cover a variety of topics such as phishing, social engineering, and working remotely to keep security top-of-mind.

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Find and Fix Web Vulnerabilities

Real estate businesses are building their own web applications and websites to stay competitive and modernize. Unfortunately, vulnerabilities in these web apps can result in web-based attacks and lead to data breaches.

Zeguro offers automated web vulnerability scanning, so that you can discover these vulnerabilities on a regular basis. Our scan reports provide detailed proof of each detected vulnerability and offer suggestions for how to fix them so that you can protect your web apps and websites from hackers.

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Lay a Strong Foundation for Your Security and Compliance Programs

Security policies are key to successful cybersecurity programs. They communicate the standards your employees and contractors need to follow so your processes are secure. In addition, compliance and regulatory frameworks as well as business contracts often require you to have certain policies in place.

Zeguro offers an easy-to-use solution so you can manage all your security policies in one place. Get access to user-friendly policy templates, customize them, or upload your own. Keep an audit trail of past and previous policies and download them at any time to share with auditors, employees, customers, and partners.

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Get Comprehensive Cyber Liability Coverage

Data breaches are not a matter of if, but when. With the cost of data breaches averaging over $3 million, real estate organizations of all sizes need to prepare. Should all else fail, comprehensive cyber insurance provides the ultimate safety net and protects your business from bankruptcy.

Zeguro Cyber Insurance covers data loss, business interruption, ransomware, payment fraud, regulatory fines & penalties, and more so that your business can move forward after a security incident with minimal disruption. Insurance customers also enjoy free access to our Cyber Safety (Starter Plan) solution for the duration of their policies.

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What Our Customers Have to Say

“We recognized that monitoring and protecting our business was critical to our operations and to increase customer confidence. Zeguro's platform gave us that foundation, and in the process provided us with cyber insurance that is 30% cheaper than the market.”

Aaron Huang, CMO, Lumity

“What we love about Zeguro is how easy it is to get started, and the continued peace of mind knowing we are getting more than just cyber insurance."

Bobbie Shrivastav
Chief Product Officer, Benekiva

“Zeguro was a pleasure to work with. Abbey provided us with excellent service, end-to-end. She’s experienced, knowledgeable, listened to exactly what we needed, and helped us find the right insurance coverage for our business."

Dave Swanson
Chief Executive Officer, Optimus Companies

“Having cyber insurance through Zeguro has brought our company great relief. Any modifications or additions we need have been easily accommodated by our great agent Abbey Gallegos, who has been a pleasure to work with."

Yurany Lopez
Operations Manager,
Smart Charging Technologies LLC