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Improve employee security awareness with user-tailored training.

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What is Security Awareness Training?

Security awareness training is a formal process that seeks to improve employee security knowledge through education. Employee negligence or lack of knowledge often leads to security incidents and data breaches. Training plays a crucial role in the success of any cybersecurity program by reducing the human risk factor.

Benefits of Security Training

Develop a security-first work culture
Improve overall security awareness
Identify your team’s greatest areas of cyber risk
Prevent phishing and other social engineering attacks
Meet compliance requirements
Protect sensitive customer data

Key Features of Cyber Safety Security Training

Automated security training

User-tailored course schedules

Engaging educational content

Team and individual report cards

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How Cyber Safety Security Training Works


Enrolling your team members in training is easy! Add each team member one-by-one or bulk import them.


Trainees will first receive a gap assessment to determine their baseline security knowledge. Zeguro will then use this to tailor their training programs, prioritizing the weakest areas.


Each month, trainees will automatically get their courses via email. Courses are interactive and bite-sized to keep trainees engaged.


As trainees progress through their courses, keep track of both individual and overall company performance. The dashboard contains report cards where you can view each trainee’s aggregate grade or their grades for each course.

Security Training Courses Include:

Working Remotely

Phishing and Social Engineering

Mobile Device Security

Public Wi-Fi

Secure Passwords and Authentication

Cloud Security

Physical Security

Using Social Media Safely

Get Comprehensive Cyber Risk Management

Security Training is part of Cyber Safety, Zeguro’s set of cybersecurity tools which integrate with our cyber insurance to provide holistic cyber risk management.

Secure your business against cyber threats with Cyber Safety.

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