Identify your team’s greatest areas of risk.

Evaluate your team’s cybersecurity knowledge and understand each employee’s strengths and weaknesses.

Automate user-tailored security training.

Trainees will receive regularly scheduled, computer-based training courses tailored to their knowledge gaps.

Increase employee knowledge around security best practices.

Enroll your employees in training courses that help you achieve PCI DSS, HIPAA, and GDPR compliance goals.

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Phishing is the number one threat to SMBs.

Over 50% of SMBs experienced a phishing attack in the past year. Social engineering, which uses psychological deception to manipulate people into giving up sensitive data, is not only common, but highly effective. One act of negligence or ignorance can lead to a costly data breach.

Educating yourself and your employees is key to a strong security posture. Cybersecurity awareness training teaches employees to be security-first with the goal of reducing the human risk.

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Protect your business from breaches caused by human error with Zeguro Cyber Safety®.

A cybersecurity awareness training program should be continuous, measurable, and engaging. Zeguro’s Security Training module keeps security top of mind with monthly training courses. Enroll your employees within minutes by entering their names and emails. They will first complete a questionnaire to assess their baseline security knowledge, and will then go through a unique course schedule, prioritizing their greatest risks. Courses are delivered in various styles such as videos and quizzes to encourage engagement.

Keep track of your team's progress with a regularly updated training dashboard. View the average grade for your entire team as well as each trainee’s individual performance.

Meet compliance requirements with Cyber Safety Security Training.


PCI DSS requires both targeted training for employees handling cardholder data, as well as broader training on security topics for all employees. Zeguro’s Security Training module currently offers a complete general security training program aligned with industry best practices and security control frameworks like ISO 27001 and NIST SP 800-53. A PCI compliance-focused course is coming soon as well.


HIPAA recommends that businesses handling protected health information (PHI) implement a security awareness and training program for all members of its workforce. Zeguro’s training program keeps security top of mind for employees and will soon offer a HIPAA-focused course.


SOC 2 requires organizations communicate information including roles, responsibilities, and requirements related to information security. Zeguro’s Security Training module makes it simple to enroll your entire workforce in a robust training program.

Protect your business through people, process, and technology. With Cyber Safety, you will also get access to:

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