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  • What is the typical cost of a cyber attack to a small business
  • How can a cyber insurance policy protect your SMB

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Why Cyber Insurance is Vital No Matter How Large Or Small Your Company Is

With the rate of cybercrime rapidly accelerating worldwide, you would expect that most businesses have adapted to these threats and are confident with their security capabilities. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth as just 14% of small businesses reported being confident in their ability to defend themselves from attacks. This statistic can be largely attributed to two factors:

  • Cybersecurity can be difficult to understand
  • Proper cybersecurity can be difficult to implement. (not always)

There is another simpler way, however, for businesses to get protected. A good Cyber Insurance policy can help your business with everything from recovery fees after an attack, legal fees or penalties associated with a breach, and general peace of mind. In this Ebook, learn about the benefits of a good cyber insurance policy and how to tailor a policy to your company's specific needs.

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