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Stay in compliance with industry regulations.

Financial organizations should be aware of industry regulations like PCI (for accepting payment cards) and GLBA (for payment card issuers) and ensure they are in compliance.

Focus your resources on core competencies.

Cybersecurity for fintech and financial organizations must be handled by experts and automated wherever possible. With Zeguro, you can rest easy while focusing internal staff on what they do best.

Enjoy one integrated cybersecurity solution.

The Zeguro Cyber Safety® end-to-end platform offers employee training, monitoring, compliance and cyber insurance. Together, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Money makes the world go round… and cyber criminals motivated.

The financial services industry is especially vulnerable to cyber attacks; in fact, financial services firms are 300 times more likely to be attacked than those in other industries.* ATM card skimming, Trojan botnets on web app logins, denial of service attacks, and vendor management problems plague financial services organizations, regardless of size. As the foundation upon which global economic systems sit, cyber attacks increasingly target banks and nonbank financial institutions (NBFI) which could lead to the next international financial crisis.

In addition, Fintech (or “financial technology” companies) that serve the industry must make cybersecurity and insurance a top priority, since they are responsible to their clients who rely on them to keep customer financial data safe.

*Source: Information Age, 2019

Why Zeguro for Financial Services?

Zeguro Cyber Safety® is an integrated risk management solution that addresses risk through people, process and technology, and helps transfer risk (through insurance) in the event of an attack.

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