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Accelerate PCI DSS compliance. Identify vulnerabilities and get a report with findings required for PCI compliance. Train your employees on cybersecurity best practices, and implement required security policies. If all else fails, our cyber insurance helps cover PCI fines and penalties.

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Satisfy several SOC 2 requirements. Identify security risks with our web app vulnerability scanner. Communicate cybersecurity roles, responsibilities, and requirements to your workforce with our training program, and implement security controls with our security policy templates.

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Meet certain HIPAA requirements and recommendations. Keep security top of mind for employees with our training program. Conduct periodic evaluations of web apps storing/processing PHI, and implement security policies to govern how your business handles data.

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Meeting compliance can be a challenging process.

New regulations are introduced every year and compliance frameworks are constantly updated. Noncompliance can result in severe consequences, from harsh penalties to lost business reputation. For example, organizations processing payment card data that don't meet PCI DSS requirements could pay up to $100,000 per month of noncompliance.

Other frameworks like SOC 2 are not mandated by law but achieving compliance and getting certified gives your business a competitive edge. Meeting requirements for the certifications and industry regulations that apply to your business is a must if you want to succeed.


Monthly Non-Compliance Fines

Maintaining compliance helps bolster your company's reputation and image.

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PCI DSS requires both targeted training for employees handling cardholder data, as well as broader security training for all employees. Zeguro’s Training module offers a general security training program aligned with industry best practices. A PCI compliance-focused course is coming soon.

Businesses must scan applications that process and/or store credit card data for vulnerabilities. Our web app vulnerability scanner identifies those vulnerabilities on a routine basis and provides a PCI scan report with findings specifically required for compliance. We also offer pentesting through our partner, Cobalt.

To comply, you must also implement information security policies. Zeguro’s Risk Assessment policy gives you a helpful starting point for creating procedures required to carry out the annual risk assessment. You can also use our Incident Response (IR) policy to craft IR procedures to meet some of the PCI requirements for IR Plans.


SOC 2 requires organizations to communicate information including roles, responsibilities, and requirements related to information security. Zeguro’s Training module makes it simple to enroll your entire workforce in a robust training program.

To get certified, you must also identify risks, which includes vulnerabilities in information systems such as web applications. Identify vulnerabilities and get suggestions for fixes with our web app scanner. Pentesting is also offered through our partner Cobalt and supports the requirement for evaluating your organization’s security controls.

You are also required to implement security controls, including policy and procedure documentation, to mitigate cyber risks. Zeguro’s security policies cover many critical areas including Network and Data Security, Incident Response, and Risk Assessment.


HIPAA recommends that businesses handling protected health information (PHI) implement an employee security training program. Zeguro’s Training module keeps security top of mind for your workforce and will soon offer a HIPAA-focused course.

Organizations are required to conduct assessments of potential risks to electronic protected health information (ePHI) and implement security measures that reduce those risks. If you have a web app that stores/processes PHI, our Monitoring module can help meet your HIPAA requirement for periodic technical evaluations.

You must also implement policies and procedures to govern how your organization handles data. Our security policy templates give you a starting point for some highly critical areas including Network and Data Security, Incident Response, and Third Party Security.

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