Set up automated scans in minutes.

Simply enter your web app’s URL, choose your scan level and frequency, and schedule your scan to run.

Reduce web-based risks.

Find and patch security issues in your web apps on a routine basis to reduce the risk of a web-based attack.

Stay in compliance.

Our Monitoring module helps you fulfill security requirements in compliance frameworks such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, and SOC 2.

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50% of SMBs have experienced a web-based attack.

According to Ponemon Institute’s most recent Global State of Cybersecurity in SMBs, web-based attacks are the second most common cyberattack experienced by SMBs. Hackers take advantage of web vulnerabilities, outdated software, and configuration errors to infiltrate your web applications and gain access to sensitive data.

Securing your web applications, which includes your public-facing website as well as any web applications your customers might log into, is imperative to keeping your business and your customers’ data safe.

Screenshot from Zeguro platform to show Monitoring screen

Protect your web applications from hackers with Zeguro Cyber Safety®.

Web app vulnerability scanners look for weaknesses in your web apps so they can be fixed before they’re exploited by hackers. Zeguro’s Monitoring module makes web app scanning quick, easy, and customizable. Choose between lightning and normal scan levels and a monthly or quarterly cadence. You can even schedule your scan for a specific day and time.

Once scans are completed, you’ll get clear, actionable results. The downloadable report prioritizes vulnerabilities based on criticality, and includes evidence showing where each vulnerability exists along with a set of suggested fixes.

Meet compliance requirements with Cyber Safety Monitoring.


PCI DSS requires businesses to scan applications that process and/or store credit card information for common software-based vulnerabilities. Zeguro’s web app vulnerability scanner can help you identify those vulnerabilities on a routine basis, and the scan report can list findings that are specifically required for PCI DSS compliance.

We also offer pentesting as required by PCI DSS through our partner, Cobalt.


HIPAA requires organizations to conduct assessments of potential risks to electronic protected health information (ePHI) and implement security measures that reduce those risks. If you have a web app that stores/processes PHI, Zeguro’s Monitoring module can help meet your HIPAA requirement for periodic technical evaluations.


SOC2 requires the identification of risks, which includes vulnerabilities in information systems such as web applications. Zeguro’s web app vulnerability scanner can identify vulnerabilities and suggest possible fixes, which supports the SOC 2’s CC3.2 requirements of identifying, assessing, and treating risk.

Protect your business through people, process, and technology. With Cyber Safety, you will also get access to:

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