Most businesses don't survive a cyber attack.
Let us help protect yours.

Zeguro gives your business peace of mind. From prevention to remediation.

We've got you covered.


We'll continually and automatically identify the cyber weaknesses in your business.


We simplify fixing all weaknesses, and we train your employees.


We'll get you the appropriate cyber insurance tailored to your businesses needs.

Prevention is better than cure.

Zeguro believes in empowering your business to withstand the unknown.

With simplicity at its core, Zeguro enables you to automate your cyber security processes. Our connections to cloud tools enable us to understand your needs and security risks, while our automated risk reduction proactively reduces those risks. Zeguro’s understanding of employee behavior provides customized training to every individual based on their security knowledge. Hackers and cyber attackers never rest – if they succeed, Zeguro’s insurance will help your business recover from such interruptions.

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Simple end-to-end protection at your fingertips.

Continuous Security

Zeguro's always-on monitoring identifies weaknesses - both inside and outside, and helps fix them all.

Employee Compliance

Give your employees the right tools, processes, and training. Enable them to work together towards total security.

Customer Confidence

Show your customers that you are doing the utmost to protect their data and privacy. Zeguro’s ZIMM score announces that your company adheres to industry best practices.

Tailored Insurance

You should only pay for what you need. We give the right cyber insurance for your business, and reward you for maintaining a robust security posture.

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