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Advancements in digital health require new tools for protecting client data.

Healthcare providers now have to secure more connected medical devices than ever before and there has been a proliferation of IoT devices in the healthcare industry.

HIPAA compliance is not optional for anyone touching data.

For providers, insurers and other business associates. HIPAA is the national standard for handling electronic healthcare information, and compliance is required.

Zeguro has you covered for healthtech cyber security and insurance.

The Zeguro Cyber Safety® platform offers employee training, monitoring, compliance and insurance. Together, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Healthcare companies must be diligent about maintaining cyber health.

The healthcare industry is rapidly evolving from being primarily paper-based to embracing digital records and interconnected medical devices. With more efficient digital processes and IoT (Internet of Things) devices, however, the industry has also grown as a target of cyber attacks, according to Moody’s.

Besides the growing threat of a cyber attack, a primary driver of adopting cybersecurity best practices in healthtech is the Healthcare Portability and Accountability Act (or HIPAA). Organizations that must comply with HIPAA regulations include healthcare providers, health insurance plans/companies, and healthcare clearinghouses (organizations mainly providing paper-to-electronic data conversion). But many other organizations are also subject to HIPAA through Business Associate Agreements (BAAs), which covered entities use to pass through their compliance requirements to vendors/suppliers. To learn more about HIPAA compliance, read our blog post.

Why Zeguro for HealthTech?

Zeguro Cyber Safety® is an integrated risk management solution that addresses risk through people, process and technology, and helps transfer risk (through insurance) in the event of an attack.

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