Comprehensive Business Cyber Insurance

Meet contractual requirements and be prepared for a data breach with integrated insurance and Zeguro Cyber Safety.

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With a Zeguro insurance policy, you can be covered for data loss, business interruption and extortion, third party lawsuits, PCI DSS fines, and more.

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Free Access to Zeguro Cyber Safety

Get free access to our suite of cybersecurity tools. Using these tools to secure your business unlocks potential Zeguro Cyber Safe discounts and can save you up to 20% or more upon renewal.

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Getting cyber insurance is easy with Zeguro. Simply fill out our online questionnaire to get a quote within minutes. You can then purchase your policy online and get coverage same-day.

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Data Breaches are Expensive. Reduce Your Financial Burden with Cyber Insurance.

Security incidents can result in large financial and reputational damages. Zeguro Cyber Insurance helps cover some of the costs, so you can continue to run your business with minimal impact. Our customers love "how easy it is to get started" and "the continued peace of mind" they get knowing they are covered.

What Our Customers Have to Say

“We recognized that monitoring and protecting our business was critical to our operations and to increase customer confidence. Zeguro's platform gave us that foundation, and in the process provided us with cyber insurance that is 30% cheaper than the market.”

Aaron Huang
Chief Marketing Officer, Lumity

“What we love about Zeguro is how easy it is to get started, and the continued peace of mind knowing we are getting more than just cyber insurance."

Bobbie Shrivastav
Chief Product Officer, Benekiva

At ClickUp, security and privacy are our utmost priority. That's why we trust Zeguro for all our cyber insurance needs. Aside from being secure, Zeguro offers a streamlined and efficient purchasing process so we can get back to making the world more productive."

Founder & CEO, ClickUp

“Zeguro was a pleasure to work with. Abbey provided us with excellent service, end-to-end. She’s experienced, knowledgeable, listened to exactly what we needed, and helped us find the right insurance coverage for our business."

Dave Swanson
Chief Executive Officer, Optimus Companies

“Having cyber insurance through Zeguro has brought our company great relief. Any modifications or additions we need have been easily accommodated by our great agent Abbey Gallegos, who has been a pleasure to work with."

Yurany Lopez
Operations Manager,
Smart Charging Technologies LLC

Get Free Zeguro Cyber Safety Tools With Your Policy

All Cyber Insurance customers get free access to Zeguro Cyber Safety on the Starter Plan or a discount of $59/mo on any other plan for the duration of their policies. Actively use our employee security training, web vulnerability monitoring, and security policy management tools to reduce your business’s cyber risk and enjoy potential Zeguro Cyber Safe discounts of up to 20% or more upon renewal.

Zeguro is Industry Recognized

Comprehensive cyber insurance is just a few clicks away.

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