The new wave in consumer privacy: What CCPA and CDPA mean for your cyber liability?

Recently, California and Virginia enacted two groundbreaking privacy laws, the CCPA and the CDPA, that set new consumer privacy and online rights guidelines. It is critical for businesses that regularly handle customer data to have a comprehensive understanding of these pieces of legislation.

We invite you to join us on April 15 at 1 PM PST to hear Sidd Gavirneni, Co-founder and CEO of Zeguro, and Elena Elkina, Partner and Co-founder of Aleada Consulting, and Co-founder of Women in Security and Privacy, talk about

  • What the CCPA and CDPA mean for your cyber liability
  • Which businesses do they apply to
  • The different Consumer Rights Protected
  • Enforcement and penalties
  • Best ways to remain compliant

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What is CCPA and CDPA?

Recently, California's California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) went into effect to help safeguard consumer rights and place regulations on businesses for how they address customer data and online privacy. Understanding this new piece of legislation is critical for any business that operates or has customers in California.

In light of California’s Consumer Privacy Act going into effect, other states such as Virginia have followed suit. Virginia recently passed its own comprehensive privacy law called the CDPA (Customer Data Protection Act). The act has very similar provisions and penalties to the CCPA and primarily applies to companies and individuals conducting business within the Commonwealth of Virginia or those who manufacture or provide goods or services to Virginia residents.

This webinar will discuss both the CCPA and CDPA and what effects they'll have on businesses using consumer data.

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