Is Your Auto Dealership Secure?

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  • The top Cyber Risks for Auto Dealerships
  • How to Mitigate Common Cyber Risks
  • How to implement an Incident Response Plan
  • How Cyber Insurance can help protect your dealership

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Why Cybersecurity and Insurance are Critical for Your Auto Dealership

Auto dealerships are prime targets for cyber attacks. Just last year, it was reported that 3.1 million pieces of Toyota and Lexus customer data were breached after an attack on dealerships in Japan. Furthermore, in a recent survey, 80% of customers said they wouldn't purchase a car at a dealership that had experienced a data breach.

Auto dealerships are often targets due to the large amount of personal information they collect, store, and process. From names, phone numbers, and addresses to sensitive financial information used for loans and purchasing vehicles. However, dealerships, like many other businesses, often lack proper cybersecurity and IT maturity. Read our Ebook to learn about common cyber risks you might face as a dealership and how you can mitigate these risks.

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