Getting Started with SOC 2 for Startups

In this webinar presented by infosec expert Aaron Kraus, you'll learn:

  • What a SOC 2 report is and the benefits of having one
  • What the Trust Services Criteria (TSC) are and how to decide on the scope of your SOC 2 audit
  • How to prepare for your audit using the People, Process, and Technology (PPT) methodology

This webinar was recorded in collaboration with our partners at Cobalt.

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Are you looking to get SOC 2 ready?

Having a SOC 2 report is considered a gold standard for service providers. It signals to potential customers that you are committed to cybersecurity best practices. Some clients may even make it a contractual requirement before they agree to work with you.

In this webinar, Aaron Kraus gives you an introduction to SOC 2, including its origins and how it differs from the SOC 1 report, as well as guidance on how you can prepare your organization for the rigorous audit.

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