New Wave in Consumer Privacy Webinar Recording

On Thursday, our CEO Sidd Gavirneni took part in the “New Wave in Consumer Privacy” webinar, discussing the new CCPA and CPRA regulations. Here’s our recording of the webinar in case you missed it!


Sidd Gavirneni is the CEO and Co-founder of Zeguro and has 18 years of security, strategy, product, and innovation management experience. Sidd has a MS in computer science with a focus on information security and received his MBA from IE University in Spain and from Dartmouth College.

Elena Elkina is a Co-founder and Partner at Aleada Consulting, where she advises clients on privacy, data protection, and information security issues. Elena is a Co-founder and a Board Member for Women in Security and Privacy (WISP), a non-profit organization that aims to advance women in the privacy and security fields. She also serves on the advisory board of StaySafeOnline, Privacy Day where she educates and empowers our global digital society to use the internet safely and securely.


Luis Marte is the Director of Marketing at Zeguro and has numerous years of success, leading top-performing marketing, media, and advertising operations.

Key Topics Discussed

In this webinar, Sidd Gavirneni discussed how small business owners can:

  • What the CCPA and CPRA mean for your cyber liability
  • Which businesses do they apply to 
  • The different Consumer Rights Protected
  • Enforcement and penalties
  • Best ways to remain compliant

In addition, Sidd explained how Cyber Liability Insurance could help you recover from a CCPA or CPRA violation by covering legal defense costs, fines, and business interruption costs.

Below is the webinar recording, and if you want to stay updated on future informative content, follow us on Linkedin, Twitter, or Facebook. Also check out Aleada Consulting.

Zeguro is a cyber safety solution and insurance provider for small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs), offering a comprehensive suite of tools for risk mitigation and compliance, as well as insurance premiums that are tailored to the size, sector and profile of a company.
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