New Partnerships Expand Our Cyber Safety Marketplace Offerings

We’re excited to announce three new partnerships with Graphus, Inceptus, and HackEDU, whose Zeguro exclusive offerings have now been added to our Marketplace.

This week, we’ve launched three new partnerships with cybersecurity providers to help our Cyber Safety customers find trusted solutions at exclusive discounts. We previously launched our Marketplace with Cobalt last November to offer a pentesting solution to our customers. Our latest additions to the Marketplace include: Inceptus, Graphus, and HackEDU.


Two weeks ago, we announced our strategic partnership with Inceptus, a managed security service provider (MSSP), to secure and insure both our clients against cyber risks. Inceptus has now been added to our marketplace so that paying Cyber Safety customers can enjoy discounts on their managed services for email protection, endpoint protection, and identity management.


Graphus, an automated phishing defense solution, protects against sophisticated Scams (BEC), Impersonation attacks, Account Take Over (ATO), Phishing/SpearPhishing, and Ransomware attacks to reduce the human risk. Cyber Safety customers get 20% off Graphus.


HackEDU offers Hands-On Secure Coding Training online to help software developers reduce vulnerabilities in code. It is a learning platform that uses real applications, real tools, and real coding exercises to help your organization meet developer training requirements for compliance frameworks such as PCI DSS, SOC, and HIPAA. Get 20% off HackEDU with your Cyber Safety subscription.

Our partnerships with these technology and service providers are designed to complement Cyber Safety and help our customers get access to trusted cybersecurity solutions. Login now and subscribe to access these exclusive offers, or sign up for a Cyber Safety account here.

Zeguro is a cyber safety solution and insurance provider for small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs), offering a comprehensive suite of tools for risk mitigation and compliance, as well as insurance premiums that are tailored to the size, sector and profile of a company.
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