InsurTech Customer Spotlight: Benekiva

Benekiva Rises to InsurTech Challenge with Zeguro’s One-Stop Shop for Cyber Insurance and Security

The Client: Benekiva

Benekiva is an Iowa-based insurtech and fintech startup bridging the gap between insurance carriers, policyholders, and beneficiaries. It’s a young team taking a fresh approach to insurance claims through “insurtech.” Their name literally translates to “chamber for all beneficiaries,” and they are truly helping all parties around insurance claims. That’s because before a single line of code was written for their product, CEO and President Brent Williams and his team spent two years researching insurance carriers, CFOs, claims professionals, attorneys, and many others...then based on the research, created a platform which revolutionizes the existing claims process through software-as-a-service.

The Challenge: Meeting Contractual Requirements

Benekiva, as an InsurTech provider, has a contractual requirement to have cyber insurance in order to do business with its insurance customers. They also need security expertise to assist them when security questions arise. Enter Zeguro.

The Solution: More than Just Cyber Insurance

With Zeguro’s end-to-end cyber safety platform and insurance, Benekiva got more than just the insurance they needed to do business; they got a one-stop solution for cyber safety that was quick and painless to implement.

“What we love about Zeguro is how easy it is to get started, and the continued peace of mind knowing we are getting more than just cyber insurance,” said Bobbie Shrivastav, Chief Product Officer at Benekiva. “Zeguro’s platform component lets me create my own policies and procedures and provides access to in-house expertise I can leverage when we have security audits and questions... ultimately helping us to stay compliant.”

The Results: New Partnerships and Accelerated Growth

With Zeguro in their corner, Benekiva can now enter into more key partnerships to grow and succeed. With their documentation and templates in an easy to create and manage system, more of their time can be spent solving the larger problem of unclaimed claims.

“After 20 minutes on the phone with Zeguro, I knew they had the expertise and technology I wanted to do business with,” said Brent Williams, Benekiva’s CEO.

“Benekiva’s differentiator has always been the ability to quickly digitize all elements of an insurance claim process for carriers and beneficiaries. Now that meeting contractual requirements and staying in compliance won't slow us down (with the help of Zeguro), I’m confident we will succeed in our mission to digitally transform the claims processing process.”

Zeguro is a cyber safety solution and insurance provider for small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs), offering a comprehensive suite of tools for risk mitigation and compliance, as well as insurance premiums that are tailored to the size, sector and profile of a company.
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