Cyber Risk is Real for Small & Medium Enterprises

61% of cyber attacks happen to SMEs. Zeguro was built to help.

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Zeguro Provides Full Cyber Risk Management for SMEs

Prepare and Protect Your Business For Cyber Risk


Determine cyber gaps across your technology stack


Train your employees and develop processes to minimize risk


Provide insurance tailored to your business needs


Assess Your Digital Footprint

External Web Assets

Automate the identification of web vulnerabilities by scanning your company’s digital assets with Zeguro’s built-in tools.

Internal Cloud Platforms

Zeguro integrates with your cloud platforms to ensure you have the right security configurations.

Third-Party Business Tools

When we detect a risk in your business that requires an extra layer of security, we’ll recommend the right technology to close the cybersecurity gap based on your unique business needs.


Train Your Employees

Mitigating cyber risk involves more than just technology and process. Your employees have to be part of your cybersecurity solution. Studies show that Social Engineering is the most prevalent cybersecurity threat for businesses. By analyzing user behavior, Zeguro’s customized cybersecurity training prepares your employees to identify and deflect such attacks. We offer:

Training on Security Basics



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Insurance Tailored to Your Unique Business Needs

Zeguro makes cybersecurity insurance easy. With simple to understand policies, we provide you with the coverage that makes sense for your business. As your Virtual Cybersecurity Officer, we help with all aspects of your cyber insurance and claims.

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*Insurance currently available in the US only.

Zeguro Helps You Meet & Maintain Compliance

For Your Customers and Regulators

Easy Security Audits

By following Zeguro’s proprietary ZIMM Framework you can simplify your compliance processes. Reach the required security levels dictated by your customers and partners, and prove your success through automated audit reporting. Save up to $10,000 every year over the cost of an external audit.

Regulatory Compliance

Zeguro’s integrated suite of compliance tools ensure you satisfy the cybersecurity requirements required by regulations, such as:

  • NY DFS CRR500: For financial services firms operating in New Yor
  • NAIC Data Model Law: For all insurance services
  • GDPR: For all companies operating in the European Union
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