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Zeguro partners with companies who want to help insure small and medium enterprises against cyber risks to their business.

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Insurance Partners

De-risk Yourself and Your Customers

Your small and medium business customers can now have some peace of mind through Zeguro’s holistic cybersecurity solution. In addition to making them more secure, Zeguro’s Virtual Cybersecurity Officer helps your customers understand the need for cyber insurance. Decrease your cost of acquisition while decreasing your loss ratios in the SME space.

Worried about your Silent Cyber risk? Talk to us to see how we can help you decrease your risk from silent cyber while increasing your cyber insurance market share.

De-Risk Your Customers
Technology Partners

Help Your Customers Close Their Risk Gap and Add A New Revenue Stream

Zeguro’s partners include some of the world’s top technology companies that provide a rich suite of services to our customers. By partnering with Zeguro, you immediately gain an advantage to provide a full suite of cyber risk mitigation and cyber insurance tailored to your customers’ needs. Our data-driven engine will detect risks in your customers’ business that needs an extra layer of security and recommend a curated list of technology partners to close the cybersecurity gap based on the business cybersecurity needs.

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Affinity Partners

Empower and Protect Your Business Ecosystem

If you are an organization that provides business services – like a franchisee, a member organization, or a marketplace – you can provide Zeguro’s Virtual Cybersecurity Officer as an additional service offering. Zeguro is the only complete solution to help manage your ecosystem companies’ cybersecurity program - end to end. Give the right tools and protection tailored to their business, allowing them to focus on what is really important. Reduce the collective risk of your ecosystem to ensure compliance and help them grow.

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