Large Enterprise Cyber Risk Requires Securing
Your Vendors and Customers

Zeguro protects those you do business with, on your terms.


Provide Zeguro to help your customers deliver a secure experience to their constituents


Audit your suppliers to ensure they meet your specific cyber security requirements

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Security For Your Customers

Your Customers Need Cyber Protection

61% SMEs go bankrupt within 6 months after a data breach. Don’t let this happen to your customers. Show them your commitment by providing them with Zeguro’s Virtual Cybersecurity Officer.

Cyber Risk Monitoring with Mitigation Recommendations
Targeted Employee Training on Security Best Practices
Automated Web Vulnerability Testing
Compliance for Cyber Regulations

Zeguro Gives You New Differentiation

By providing Zeguro to customers as a value-add service, you can increase your value to customers, grow your market share, and keep your SME customers happy.

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Security For Your Vendors

Make Third-Party Cyber Security Audits Fast and Simple

Know which of your suppliers comply with your cybersecurity and cyber insurance requirements

1. Configure

your requirements within the Zeguro platform

2. Notify

your vendors and suppliers

3. Track

and audit compliance through Zeguro’s automated platform

Zeguro is Your Partner to Monitor & Manage Vendor Cyber Security

When you use Zeguro for audits, your vendors have a Virtual Cybersecurity Officer at their fingertips. Our continuous risk assessment and risk mitigation framework lets us understand the security threats from your third-party partners, and proactively helps them decrease those risks

Easy Configuration: Use Zeguro’s ZIMM Framework (Zeguro Infosec Maturity Model) to easily map your requirements. Our security experts and auditors provide recommendations to help you define and manage requirements
Continuous Auditing: As your third-party’s Virtual Cybersecurity Officer, Zeguro continually assesses their cyber risks and security threats using the ZIMM framework.
Better Security: Zeguro proactively helps improve your vendors’ security across people, processes, and technology – strengthening your own security in the process.
Insurance Benefits: Provide proof of cyber protection to your business insurance provider by using Zeguro to lower your third-party cyber risk.
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