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Cyber Safety Platform Features

Continuous Monitoring

Protect external digital assets from cyber attacks, and cloud-based productivity tools from errors and security risks.

  • Ongoing site scans for known vulnerabilities, outdated software and configuration errors.
  • Results provided in plain language with instructions on how to fix issues.
  • Always-on security monitoring of AWS, Azure, Dropbox, GSuite, and Office365.
  • Protection from accidental sharing, mis-configuration, insider leaks, and disgruntled employees.

Ongoing Employee Training

Prepare your team for ransomware scams, password management, phishing schemes, and more.

  • Monitor completion of training modules.
  • Understand individual proficiency.
  • Receive instant notification on outstanding items and weak links.

Compliance Assistance

Compliance with data and cyber standards is a growing concern for all types of companies.

  • We provide the "to-do" list and audit trail for you to remain in lock-step with current regulations.
  • Recommendations are made relevant to your industry, sector, and type of business.

Security Policies

Meet compliance, regulatory and contractual requirements in minutes.

  • Auto created and automatically sent to employees for sign-off
  • Instantly select policies recommended for your business type and industry
  • Auto-update policies based on global changes to standards and regulations

And when that's not enough...

Instant Cyber Insurance

Purchase an active cyber insurance policy in as little as 5 mins.

  • No Broker, Policy or transaction fees
  • Coverage limits up to $10mm
  • Instant Approval up to $5mm
  • Easy Claim Management
  • Policy language you can understand

Incident Response

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